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Bitburger 0.0% Alcohol-free Running Tips 

Running – it sounds so easy. And it is, as long as you are aware of a few basic things. Having the right gear and the right technique are the two most important points. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, if you jog as a hobby or in competitions, follow Bitburger 0.0% Alcohol-free’s running tips to get the best from every run. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Laufen mit Bitburger 0,0% - Lautipps - Die optimale Lauf-Ausrüstung finden

The right gear

The running shoes you wear are of paramount importance. They should definitely have a well-cushioned sole, but after that point there are many different characteristics that depend on the running surface and your individual running needs. You can find out what shoes are right for you by completing a gait analysis test, whereby a computer scans your movements while you run on a treadmill. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Laufen mit Bitburger 0,0% - Lautipps - Die richtige Lauf-Technik erlernen

The right technique

It’s also crucial to have the right running technique, as this prevents injuries and aches, and limits the strain on your joints. In principle, body tension should be built up while the core muscles are tense, and the head should be kept straight and look in the direction of movement. Your running style is also characterised by how your foot lands on the ground after a stride. The recommended technique is for the heel to touch the ground first, then roll from the heel to the front, with the ball of your foot pushing off the ground for the next stride. 

Optimum training in three steps:

Phase 1:

In phase 1, you should start off gently to allow yourself to warm-up at a moderate pace. 

Phase 2:

In phase 2, it is important to focus on your individual running speed. This will depend on personal fitness and your training goals. Beginners should avoid wearing themselves out by alternating between running and walking. Experienced runners can then steadily increase their endurance by running longer distances without walking – which is called continuous training. Performance-oriented runners use the opposite method: interval training. In this training method, a moderate running speed is intermittently interrupted with periods of high-intensity workout. This improves stamina and is perfect preparation for a competition. 

Phase 3:

Phase 3 is the end of the training session. Reduce your speed and the intensity of your workout, shifting to a gentle running speed. Finally, muscles that have been worked will need to be stretched and warmed-down: namely the legs, arms and torso.

Laufband oder Landweg – welcher Läufertyp sind Sie?

3 Läufer im Bitburger Shirt
Die Sonne scheint, du hast keine Termine und die Frage nach einer Joggingrunde steht im Raum – wie reagierst du?
Laufen ist nicht so Ihr Ding. Obwohl Sie das niemals zugeben würden. Schließlich gibt es für alles eine Ausrede. Kleiner Tipp: seien Sie ehrlich zu sich selbst.
Sie brauchen jemanden, der sie mitzieht, um in Schwung zu kommen. Doch einmal einen Stups bekommen, haben Sie Spaß am Laufen und machen die sportliche Aktivität zum Gemeinschaftserlebnis. Warum eigentlich nicht!?  
Sie sind ein echer Siegertyp. Ob Regen oder Sturm – nichts kann Sie aufhalten. Sie strotzen vor Kondition und genießen jeden Wald und Wiesenlauf. Weiter so – und zur Regeneration einfach ein alkoholfrei 0,0.

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