Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl

A passion for brewing can bring people together, and that’s exactly why we have partnered with our friends at Deschutes Brewery to brew a full-bodied, unfiltered Zwickl. The key ingredients of this unique beer are Bitburger Siegelhopfen, Bitburger’s unique proprietary hop blend from the Südeifel National Park, and the aromatic American Citra and Mosaic hops, which are grown in Yakima in the United States. Together, they give Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl its fruity and hop forward flavor profile. Friendship at its finest!



Triple Hopped

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Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl has a fruity and hoppy flavor profile. The beer is copper-colored and features an elegant gleam and accompanied by a light, creamy white foam. Triple hopped and brewed in Bitburg, Germany, and perfected with the special US hop varieties Citra and Mosaic, this Zwickl tastes of ripe apricot, peach, and lime. Fruity and full-flavored at the tip of the tongue, the beer boasts a balanced composition of harmoniously integrated hop notes and a pleasant bitter finish. Our fruity and hoppy Bitburger Dry Hop’d Zwickl has an alcohol content of 4.9% ABV.

  • Gravity %: 11,8 %
  • Alcohol in % vol: 4,9 % vol
  • Energy (100 ml): 43 kcal / 181 kJ
  • Fat (100 ml): 0 g
  • of which: saturates: 0 g
  • Carbohydrate (100 ml): 3,7 g
  • of which: sugar: 0 g
  • Protein (100 ml): 0,5 g
  • Salt (100 ml): 0 g

Brewing friendship

Bitburger and Deschutes

A passion for brewing can bring people together, even across borders. Our brewing friendship with Deschutes Brewery, in the heart of the US state of Oregon, is underpinned by many shared values such as a love of the brewing craft and a passion for the finest ingredients. Just like us, our American friends enjoy a long brewing heritage and are still firmly family-owned to this day.


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Bitburger’s Hops Guarantee

We only use the best hop varieties for our Bitburger hop recipe. We are especially proud of our own “Bitburger Siegelhopfen,” a seal hops blend that we grow with great care just a few kilometers from our brewery and use exclusively for our beer.

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Bitburger’s Malt Guarantee

Strict guidelines and special quality requirements: For our Bitburger beer, we use only the best barley, which is processed into Bitburger brewing malt for us in the malting plants.


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