Bitburger Drive 0,0% Alkoholfreies Pils

Full-flavoured and completely alcohol-free: naturally brewed following German Beer Purity laws, Bitburger Premium Pils Drive Alkoholfrei 0,0% has an unmatched taste.



Ideal refreshment

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Bitburger Premium Pils Drive Alkoholfrei 0,0% – This beer shows a resplendent straw-colored gold with stable, white foam. Sweet, roasty aromas coalesce with honey and fresh Gingerbread and are complemented by ripe grain and pleasantly bitter herbs. A delicate tingly fresh taste with lasting hops and notes of vermouth are finished with a bittersweet malty flavour for the full-flavoured taste.


  • Gravity %: 11,2 %
  • Alcohol in % vol: 0,0 % vol
  • Energy (100 ml): 33 kcal / 138 kJ
  • Fat (100 ml): 0 g
  • of which: saturates: 0 g
  • Carbohydrate (100 ml): 7,8 g
  • of which: sugar: 4,4 g
  • Protein (100 ml): 0,5 g
  • Salt (100 ml): 0 g
  • Vitamin B6 (100 ml): 0,070 mg / 5%*
  • Vitamin B12 (100 ml): 0,21 µg / 8%*
  • Folic acid (100 ml): 53,3 µg / 27%*


Bitburger’s Hops Guarantee

We only use the best hop varieties for our Bitburger hop recipe. We are especially proud of our own “Bitburger Siegelhopfen,” a seal hops blend that we grow with great care just a few kilometers from our brewery and use exclusively for our beer.


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Bitburger’s Malt Guarantee

Strict guidelines and special quality requirements: For our Bitburger beer, we only use the best barley, which is processed in the malting plants for us to Bitburger brewing malt.

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