Einblick in die Bitburger Brauerei mit Sicht auf Braukessel
Our family brewery

Where pure pilsner pleasure is made 

Bitburger has a long history of producing perfect pilsner (aka ‘pils’). Since our family brewery was founded, all the way back in 1817, we have been committed to the quality and taste of our beers and specialty beverages. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Brauprozess in der Bitburger Brauerei

Bitburger still in family hands

200 years and seven generations later, Bitburger is still family-run. Our small family business has grown considerably though, becoming one of Germany’s largest breweries and its No.1 draft beer brand. The now-famous phrase “Bitte ein Bit” (“One Bit, please”) was originally coined for our Bitburger Premium Pils, but is now used with any of our full-flavoured beers and other specialty beverages: Bitburger Light, Bitburger Radler, Bitburger Cola, Bitburger 0.0% Alcohol-free and Bitburger Fassbrause.


Stack of Bitburger beer crates.

Modern technology and innovative techniques

It’s not just our range of products that has continued to develop; we are constantly improving our production processes as well. We take our master brewer’s centuries-old knowledge hand-in-hand with our application of new technology. We are constantly striving for innovative techniques to further improve our beers. For example, we’re trialling new methods to make the brewing process less pungent and are also trying to use natural resources more sparingly. We put a lot of emphasis on our brewery being environment- and climate-friendly – both in terms of production and distribution. 

We are proud of the fact that our private brewery is still owned by the family today. To keep it that way, we are working day by day on the future of Bitburger. This includes the courage to embrace constant change, a pronounced innovative strength and the self-imposed commitment to the highest quality at all levels. Always in the interest of our customers and consumers. All this contributes to making our company even more sustainable, so that one day we can pass it on to the eighth generation.

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