Bitburger Premium Pils - Die Südeifel als Heimat des Bitburger Premium Pils
The southern Eifel mountains

Home of our beers 

The Bitburger brewery lies in the heart of the southern Eifel mountains. No wonder we feel so connected to our home region and the people who live here! We’re proud of where we come from, and want to celebrate its picturesque landscape and idyllic surroundings. It’s here that we grow our signature hops, and where we source our water for brewing as well. A local unground treasure, this water gets filtered through layers of sediment and rock in an area called the “Triasmulde”.

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Bitburg: where it all began

Our home is characterised by its quiet forests, deep river valleys, picturesque castles and healthy mountain climate. The story of our success started in 1817 in the region’s cultural and economic capital: Bitburg. Starting out as a small rural brewery 200 years ago, we have developed over a period of seven generations into one of the largest breweries in Germany still in private ownership. Even today, our daily activities are still characterised by our passion, care and the high quality standards that we have always strived for. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Unsere Rohstoffe - Gerste aus der Südeifel
Bitburger Premium Pils - Bitburger Hopfenfeld in der Südeifel

The best local ingredients

The high-quality ingredients we use are crucial for creating the unmistakable taste and quality that Bitburger beers are known for. And these ingredients can be found right on our doorstep! Bitburger’s signature hops are cultivated in the neighbouring village of Holsthum. Giving our Bitburger Premium Pils its perfectly-hopped flavour with nuances of herbs, these hops also help to create a lovely foamy head with extra-fine bubbles. The town of Bitburg is also directly over the deepest point of a sedimentation region that originated around 200 million years ago (the “Triasmulde”). This underground water basin covers an area of 750km², and functions as a natural filtration system because of its layers of rock. This allows us to extract incredibly pure water with a complex mineral composition and use it in our brewing. 

Bitburger – the largest employer in the region

The Bitburger brewery employs roughly 1,100 people and is one of the largest employers in the Eifel region. As we’re a family business, it’s important for us to have assurances for the future and invest in our home’s ability to perform well in the market. This includes having an attractive working environment where every employee feels appreciated, and individual characters and personalities are respected. 

The sound of our home, the sound of Bitburger

The Bitburger Brewery Choir is an important part of our home’s musical traditions. Founded in 1931 by a group of brewery colleagues, this men’s choir is the oldest brewery choir in Germany.The connections between our home and our business are obvious when you get to know the choir’s repertoire, which includes numerous folk songs and songs about beer, as well as religious songs, operettas and operas.The choir members are mostly employees of the brewery, and local pensioners get involved as well if they are close to our family business. 

Female employees at the brewery have also been active in music since 2011 (called the "Bit ChoriFeen”), and regularly meet up after work to sing together. From time to time the two choirs also join up and perform together. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Die Südeifel als Heimat des Bitburger Premium Pils

Holiday destinations around Bitburg

Situated in the southern region of the Eifel mountains, our surrounding area is characterised by its picturesque nature that’s perfect for leisure activities. Whether you go hiking on the excellent trails or cycling along the deep-cut river valleys, you’re sure to be struck by the region’s unforgettable beauty. There’s also plenty for visitors looking for some local culture. Experience our region’s moving history by exploring its Roman heritage – at the Villa Otrang in the village of Fließem or on the ‘Roman Bitburg’ archaeological route – as well as exploring the numerous medieval fortresses, manor houses and imposing castles.

Tips for excursions in and around Bitburg

The Bitburger Experience

Whatever the time of year, the Bitburg region makes for a wonderful visit – not least because of the numerous opportunities for local excursions. During your stay though, it is absolutely essential to see The Bitburger Experience. Set across 1,700m² of rooms in our old brewery building, you’ll experience the fascinating world of beer right down to the smallest detail. After this awe-inspiring journey through Bitburger’s history and brewery, visit some of our town’s numerous restaurants and bars – they’re sure to show you a good time! Click here to find out more. 

Bitburger Premium Pils - Hof Dick in Holsthum mit frischem Hopfen

Andreas Dick’s hop farm – experience our hops

Would you like to know where Bitburger’s signature hops come from, and what makes it one of the best hops varieties in the world? Then it’s time you paid a visit to Andreas Dick’s Farm in the village of Holsthum. Whether you take a guided tour of the farm, take a beer-brewing seminar, or attend a “Hopfengaudi” (a sort-of ‘hops crawl’ event), you’re sure to gain exciting insights into this treasure of nature. Click here to learn more about our hops farmers. 

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