Ein frisch gezapftes Bitburger Pils.
Feeling, sense, understanding and sensibility

Understanding beer enjoyment 

Beer has been a symbol of German culture for centuries. Not everyone knows how multifaceted beer can be though. Did you know that there are more than 8,000 different flavours and tasting notes that can give beer its character? Caramel, banana, pear, rose, clove – when you know what to look for, tasting beer is a truly varied experience.

For the flavours in beer to develop to their fullest, and ultimately for you to enjoy a beer, there are many different factors at play: choosing the right glass, how the beer was stored, the temperature when the beer is served, and also how the beer was poured.

An unmistakable feature of the Bitburger goblet is its faceted six-sided stem. The striking conical shape also helps when pouring the beer, as it prevents excessive foam forming. What’s more, Bitburger’s typical fresh taste benefits from the tapered top of the glass, which reduces the beer’s contact with oxygen. And finally, it's all about the look: as the conical design pushes the foam upwards and compresses it as it forms, the result is a perfectly smooth, frothy head! Every glass of draft Bitburger should be poured within three minutes, served at 5.8ºC, and served in its signature glass: a work of art for the senses.

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