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What temperature is best for cold conditioning (‘lagering’) beer? Does it really take seven minutes to pour the perfect draft pils? Our Bitburger panel of experts clears up any speculations and brings the real facts to the table. 

  1. The word ‘beer’ comes from the Latin word ‘bibere’ (meaning ‘to drink’).
  2. The sugar content of beer before fermentation is referred to as the ‘original wort’. 
  3. Beer is comprised of more than 90% water.
  4. There are around 2000 individual substances that can be found in beer.
  5. Around 95% of beer brewed in Germany falls into the category ‘Vollbier’, meaning 11–16% of the original wort is composed of dissolved solids.
  6. The strongest beer in the world is 57.5% ABV.
  7. Beer contains ample amounts of folic acid, potassium or magnesium, in line with recommended daily allowances.
  8. To this day, the German Beer Purity law from 1516 is the oldest regulation related to food and drink in the world.
  9. Beer should be kept in a cool and dark place, at a constant temperature between 4–7ºC. 
  10. In the year 2015, 105.9 litres of beer were consumed on average per person. 
  11. A glass of beer has fewer calories than a glass of apple juice of the same size.
  12. Hop has a relaxing and calming effect.
  13. Pouring a draft beer properly should take between 2–3 minutes. 
  14. The Bitburger brewery supplies beer to over 40,000 restaurants and bars worldwide. 
  15. Our newest bottling facility can fill 50,000 bottles every hour.
  16. Bitburger is Germany’s favourite draft beer.
  17. The slogan “Bitte ein Bit” is the most famous in the whole industry. 
  18.  Whether it’s during malting, fermentation or bottling, Bitburger carries out 350 individual quality inspections every day. 
  19. A fresh pils works perfectly as an aperitif before a meal. 

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