Beste Bitburger Rohstoffe für beste Bierqualität.

The best beer comes from the best ingredients 

Ever since the German Beer Purity laws were first introduced in 1516, German beer has always been 100% natural.First-class natural hops, pure water and the very best barley - selecting our ingredients is absolutely decisive for the quality and taste of a Bitburger Premium Pils.

Our vocation:

At the hop farm in Holsthum the harvesting season is very busy - after all, hops are ready for harvesting only a few weeks and you have to choose the right time to ensure that they do not spoil. How father Herbert and son Andreas Dick manage the farm and what they have to pay attention to? Find out here.

Bitburger water from the Triassic basin

Water is existential in almost all areas of life. Be it the production of writing paper, the baking of bread or the brewing of beer - nothing goes without water. This is why sustainability and quality are equally important to us. Read where Bitburger gets its water from.

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