Bitburger Radler

Refreshing taste sensation 

It all started on a hot summer's day in 1922, as a Bavarian innkeeper became worried about his beer supplies becoming exhausted due to the numerous cyclists who were visiting his pub. Without further ado he decided to mix his beer with lemonade. This was an idea which went down very well, and thus Radler was born (in German it's called Radler, which means cyclist). The following basic principle applies to our Bitburger Radler: Not too sweet and without the addition of artificial additives, our Bitburger beer-based mixed drink of the Radler type will win you over with its natural tangy-fresh taste.

Bitburger Radler

Refreshingly different - Bitburger Premium Pils and lemonade without artificial additives in combination result in the unforgettable, sparklingly fresh and not too sweet taste of Bitburger Radler.

Beer-based mixed drink made of 50 % beer (Bitburger Premium Pils) and 50 % lemonade.

Beer type: Beer mix
Original wort: 9,5 %
Alcohol: 2,5 % vol.
Calorific value: 144 kJ / 34 kcal / 100ml
Fat: 0 g / 100ml
of which saturated Fetic acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 4,9 g / 100ml
of which sugar: 4,2 g
Protein: 0 g / 100ml
Salt: 0,02 g / 100ml

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