Radler naturtrüb

It all started on a hot summer's day in 1922, as a Bavarian innkeeper became worried about his beer supplies becoming exhausted due to the numerous cyclists who were visiting his pub. Without further ado he decided to mix his beer with lemonade. This was an idea which went down very well, and thus Radler was born (in German it's called Radler, which means cyclist).

Citrus-fruity: 40% Bitburger Premium Pils and 60% naturally cloudy lemonade give our Radler naturtrüb cloudy its refreshing taste



Lemon-fruity and full-bodied


Lemon-fruity as well as full-bodied and balanced in the trunk, our Bitburg Radler is naturally cloudy. 40% Bitburger Premium Pils and 60% naturally cloudy lemonade give the mixed beer its special taste, which is reminiscent of sun-ripened, juicy lemons - and this with only 1.9% alcohol. A full-bodied, fruity Radler with a fruity sweetness.


  • Alcohol in % vol: 1,9 % vol
  • Energy (100 ml): 37 kcal / 155 kJ
  • Fat (100 ml): 0 g
  • of which: saturates: 0 g
  • Carbohydrate (100 ml): 6,7 g
  • of which: sugar: 5,5 g
  • Protein (100 ml): 0 g
  • Salt (100 ml): 0 g

Bitburger’s Hops Guarantee

We only use the best hop varieties for our Bitburger hop recipe. We are especially proud of our own “Bitburger Siegelhopfen,” a seal hops blend that we grow with great care just a few kilometers from our brewery and use exclusively for our beer.


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Bitburger’s Malt Guarantee

Strict guidelines and special quality requirements: For our Bitburger beer, we only use the best barley, which is processed in the malting plants for us to Bitburger brewing malt.


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