Hosting Perfectly with Bitburger

Perfect hop-flavoured pilsner enjoyment combined with lightness and elegance, plus a long-lasting, fine-pored foam: brewed only from the best raw materials according to the German Purity Law, our Bitburger Premium Pils is convincing in every respect. To enjoy our Bitburger Premium Pils perfectly, it is also important to pour it correctly into the Bitburger glass - because only when all the components are right can the unique Bitburger taste fully develop.

A Glass for Connoisseurs

For more than 40 years, the Bitburger cup has been a synonym for perfect Pils enjoyment. Not only the look of the brand glass is right, but the taste as well. Put differently: The premium Pils not only looks good in the Bitburger cup, it also tastes better.

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Correct Pouring

Step by step for a perfect beer: Fresh, dry and bitter to the taste, an even foam head with extra-fine bubbles, and a cool and light tingle on the tongue with the first sip – a perfectly poured beer isn’t rocket science. By following some important basic rules, anyone can enjoy a perfectly poured beer.

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