Water – the Elexir of Good Beer

Good beer needs good water. The water used when producing beer is highly important for the quality and taste of the final product. It’s one of the most important ingredients that goes into making our premium beer. For generations, we have extracted a very special kind of water from the depths of the southern Eifel mountains.


Bitburger Brauwasser aus der Triasmulde

Good Beer Needs Good Water

There are a number of good reasons why Bitburger comes from Bitburg, and one of them is the town’s proximity to this special water. Just as winemakers value a south-facing slope, brewers always look for the best water source. The water that goes into our Bitburger Premium Pils is extracted from a local sedimentation region (called the ‘Triasmulde’). This huge underground water basin covers an area of 750 km² between two rivers in the Eifel mountains: the Nims and the Kyll. The town of Bitburg lies directly above the deepest point of this region, where the purest water has accumulated right at the bottom.


Bitburger Brauwasser



Bitburger’s Deeply Sourced Water – Deeper and Deeper Underground

Precipitation passes through various layers of rock in the Triasmulde as it flows deeper into the basin. This acts as a natural filter system, gradually leaving the water purer and purer. It takes some 13,000 years for water to pass through all the layers of the volcanic rocks. During this time, the water is continuously filtered whilst simultaneously picking up precious minerals. The resulting ground water is naturally purified, and contains a perfect composition of minerals to be used as one of the key ingredients for Bitburger beers. 


The Best Quality – from Each Well and in Every Bitburger Beer

Our brewery has five active deep wells that can extract up to 700,000 litres of water every hour. This water is used predominantly for deeply sourced water, and some is also used as cleaning water. The quality of the water is regularly checked by collecting samples and running scientific studies in our Bitburger laboratory. These tests are completed in close cooperation with the Department of Hydrogeology at the University of Trier. 

The Elixir of Good Beer

Water purified over thousands of years, a perfect mineral composition and uncompromising quality - the ideal combination for our Bitburger beers. Because only with really good water, which we produce regionally through our own deep wells, can a beer be created that convinces in taste at all levels. This is what we have known for many generations: The right water makes the difference!