Bitburger‘s Promise of Quality

As a family business with over 200 years of brewing tradition, we have been committed to the highest quality since 1817. The fulfilment of this promise of quality makes our beer unmistakable and its taste so unique. Whether first class Bitburger Siegelhopfen, the purest deep water or the best brewing barley: we know that it is only the careful selection of raw materials that is decisive for the quality of our Bitburger Premium Pils. For incomparable pleasure – with every sip.


Bitburger’s Hops Guarantee

We only use the best hop varieties for our Bitburger hop recipe. We are especially proud of our own Bitburger Siegelhopfen, a seal hops blend that we grow with great care just a few kilometers from our brewery and use exclusively for our beer.


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Bitburger’s Purity Guarantee

Good beer needs good water. In Bitburg, we extract this water from the Trias-Mulde, which is about 200 million years old and forms a natural filter system with its layers of rock, enabling us to obtain the purest water with the best mineral composition for the brewing process.


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Bitburger’s Malt Guarantee

Strict guidelines and special quality requirements: For our Bitburger beer, we use only the best barley, which is processed into Bitburger brewing malt for us in the malting plants.


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Bitburger’s Maturity Guranatee

With its unique aroma and the deliberately longer classical fermentation at low temperatures, our natural and protected Bitburger yeast ensures the perfect, excellent taste of every Bitburger Premium Pils.


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