A Glass for Connoisseurs

For more than 40 years, the Bitburger cup has been a synonym for perfect Pils enjoyment. Not only the look of the brand glass is right, but the taste as well. Put differently: The premium Pils not only looks good in the Bitburger cup, it also tastes better.


Bitburger Glass – The Right Glass for Perfect Enjoyment

The ideal glass is also important for the unique taste and our typical Bitburger freshness: the Bitburger glass. Its faceted, hexagonal stem is an unmistakable feature, its conical shape also prevents excessive froth formation during filling, compresses the froth, and pushes it up – this way the Bitburger glass presents the beer perfectly. The tapering of the glass towards the top also reduces contact with oxygen, which benefits the typical freshness. It takes just three minutes until the Bitburger glass presents the beer at 5.8 degrees Celsius – with its perfect head and golden-yellow color. It invites enjoyment: This is what a unique taste sensation looks like.

Did you Know?

  • The ratio of froth to liquid is essential for the first impression. 
  • The froth contains the bitter hop compounds, the beer contains the malt for the sweet-fruity taste. 
  • Beer tastes different from cylindrical glasses with a big froth head than from chalice-like cups with a small head. 
  • The glass shape controls the flow of the beer: the slower a beer flows, the better your tongue and nose can experience the flavor components.