Sierra Nevada Goes Bitburg

In May 2019, our Bitburger brewers Jan Niewodniczanski, Stefan Meyna and Stefan Hanke went to visit the Sierra Nevada brewery in Mills River, North Carolina – now it was time for us to return the favor and host our American brewing friends in Bitburg. And once again, everything revolved around beer, hops and brewing together. 


Just Landed and Already at the Brew Kettle!

Sierra Nevada at our brewery in Bitburg! Straight from the airport, Brian Grossman is already adding hops in the brewhouse. 


Quality Is Everything

Controls are essential in obtaining the highest quality. Master brewer Scott Jennings is in his element as he shows how to use the beer wort spindle.


The First Sample Is Put to the Test

Everything tastes better with friends. When their work is done, the brewers try one of the first sample brews. Then it is just a matter of waiting – but everybody is already excited to see how the collaboration brew Triple Hop’d Lager will taste. 


At Our Home in the Bitburger Brewery

Our U.S. brewing friends visit our heartland to discover the unique features of our brewery and our family history.


A Family with 200 Years of Brewing Tradition

Where are we from, where are we going? – Jan Niewodniczanski takes his American brewing friends on a journey through the past and present of our family brewery.


Up Close and Personal with the Craft of Brewing

Copper brew kettles on display in our old brewhouse are much like the ones Brian Grossman knows from his own brewery.


Bitte ein Bit – Here’s to Our Brewing Friendship!

After the tour, it’s time for a beer: “To our brewing friendship!” Master brewers Scott and Stefan raise a glass to our partnership.


United by Good Taste

And the brewer’s agree: The best spot is always at the bar, and Jan and Brian know it.


Two Family Breweries – One Passion

Good taste has many faces. At the “Brewers‘ Night”, friends were invited to come and taste the beers from Sierra Nevada and Bitburger – and, of course, our first collaboration beer brewed in the US, the Festbier!


The Brewers Get Together

With enthusiasm and passion: The brewers from Bitburger and Sierra Nevada enjoy introducing their beers and their latest collaboration brew. Cheers to the brewing friendship and to our Triple Hop’d Lager!