Grilled chocolate bananas with almond and hops caramel

Recipe for 4 servings 
Preparation time: 15 min.
Grill time: 15 min.
Total time: 30 min.


Bitburger grillt: Gegrillte Schokoladen-Bananen


For the bananas:

4 bananas

3.5 oz. whole milk chocolate

1 roll of yeast dough from the cooling shelf

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp of milk


For the caramel:

3.5 oz. of almonds

2 oz. of pistachios

2.5 oz. of brown cane sugar

Juice from 1 organic lemon

2 oz. of Bitburger Radler Naturtrüb


Sprinkle raspberries

Mint to garnish


Grill / cookware



  1. Prepare the grill (with lid approx. 325 ° F) for medium indirect / direct heat.
  2. Peel the bananas and cut in half lengthways. Break the chocolate into pieces and pour in. Roll out the dough into 1 cm thick strips and use it to wrap the bananas. Mix the egg yolks with milk, brush the bananas and grill for 12 - 15 minutes.
  3. Roughly chop the almonds and pistachios, mix with sugar and put in grill / cookware. Caramelize closed in direct heat, deglaze with lemon juice and Radler and boil down like a syrup.
  4. To serve, cut the bananas in half again, top with almonds and refine with raspberries and mint.