A Shared Passion That Unites

The traditional craft of brewing meets a true innovative spirit, select ingredients meet unyielding passion – we have plenty in common with our brothers-in-brewing from Deschutes Brewery in the heart of the US state of Oregon. Because this brewery – which has been under family ownership since its founding – leaves nothing to chance when it comes to their beer specialties, just like us.


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Bitburger and Deschutes

In 2019, Deschutes Brewery won the Bitburger Challenge at the Prost! in Portland, Oregon. The prize was a visit for the American brewers to our beautiful homeland. But it quickly became clear that this relationship would not end with just a single meeting – we needed to collaborate! Our close bond with the family brewery from the US state of Oregon culminated in a collaboration brew, involving the best our two breweries had to offer.


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For the collaboration brew,

Bitburger Siegelhopfen from Holsthum close to Bitburg in the Südeifel National Park were also used.

A Traditional, Family-Owned Brewery

Founded in 1988 in the evergreen US state of Oregon, Deschutes Brewery has long been known outside of the United States. And rightly so – after all, the brewery constantly reinvents itself and yet has managed to never lose sight of the traditional craft of brewing. The family-run company not only places a particular focus on excellent flavor and select ingredients, but it also is closely linked with its region and leaves nothing to chance when it comes to topics like sustainability and environmental protection. It was clear during the first meeting with our brewing buddies from Bend, Oregon, that we shared a lot more than just an unyielding passion for good beer.


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The Secret: the Best Ingredients and True Passion

Quality, sustainability, tradition, family, innovation, a love of their homeland, a focus on the best ingredients – there are plenty of values that unite us with our brewing friends from Deschutes Brewery. The brewery founded in Bend, Oregon, is thus still under family ownership and places the focus on unconditional quality of all ingredients used, just like we do. Here, the traditional craft of brewing meets innovative ideas, and regional ingredients meet influences from around the world.


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German Hops in the United States

What’s  the objective of our collaboration? To combine the best of two worlds. A clear-cut case for our Bitburger Siegelhopfen. But that alone would not suffice – in addition to the green gold that hop farmer Andreas Dick cultivates for us in Holsthum close to Bitburg in the Südeifel National Park, we also sent the German Callista aromatic hops on the journey as well. No unfamiliar hops to Bitburger, since we also use this fruity variety in a few of our beers, such as the Bitburger Winterbock and our Craftwerk Mad Callista.


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