Seven Fascinating Facts about Deschutes Brewery

Have you ever heard of Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon? Even if the US brewery isn’t very famous yet in Germany, the family-run company is definitely among our favorites from overseas. And not just because, in 2019, the team of brewers put together by founder Gary Fish won our Bitburger Challenge at Prost! Portland, but also because they constantly reinvent themselves using innovative ideas and select ingredients. We take a closer look at the brewery located in the US state of Oregon – and reveal seven fascinating facts about its history, sustainability, and local region.

#1 It’s All about Passion: Brewing Passion since 1988


It all began in 1988 – the year in which Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue released her legendary hit “I Should Be So Lucky” and Whitney Houston stormed the charts with her version of “One Moment In Time.” And the year in which Gary Fish founded a small brewery in downtown Bend, Oregon, that also bears the name of the stream that flows through the city: the Deschutes River. The Deschutes Brewery & Public House was born – a place for everyone. A meeting point for the whole community, where – to this day – friends and families can come together for some good food and some home-brewed beer. While founder Gary Fish sold around 310 kegs of beer in the first year, sales have grown over the years to more than 225,000 kegs that can be found in 32 US states and even other countries. What made this success possible? The passion for the craft of brewing that remains unyielding in this family-run company, even after 33 years.


#2 IPA, Lager, Porter, Stout, & Co.: Every Brewing Style Is Welcome Here

A glimpse at the diverse selection of our brewing friends from Bend reveals that they don’t limit themselves to just one type of beer – instead, they are constantly evolving. For example, the Deschutes Brewery range features a wide range of India pale ales, lagers, sours, stouts, and many others in addition to our favorite: Pilsner. The rotating seasonals and the Reserve series – which is comprised of a handful of genuine specialty brews for special occasions – are particular highlights. Their particular focus is on the beers aged in oak barrels, which are the calling card of the brewery even internationally and which give the beers their characteristic aroma. It’s not without reason that the brewers lovingly refer to their keg cellar as “Oakland.” And the collection also has the right taste to offer for anyone: while The Abyss stands out with its complex aroma of molasses and licorice, The Dissident will tickle your taste buds with notes of cherry and oak. And while we use apples to press our popular Bitburger Apfel Cider, Deschutes uses the fruit to make a fruity sour beer. Enjoyment guaranteed!


#3 It’s All About The Taste

What started as a local pub in the heart of Bend, expanded beyond the state borders over the years. Today, the brewery also owns a tasting room on the banks of the Deschutes River, less than a mile from the city, a second pub in downtown Portland, and a tasting room in Roanoke, Virginia. But the brewery has always remained true to its origins in the center of Bend – here, locals and tourists alike can enjoy delicious food and the brewery’s very own beers. By the way, you can also find Deschutes Brewery at Portland International Airport, where travelers can prepare for their return flight with specialties from the local brewery, buy one of the most sought-after T-shirts as a souvenir, or enjoy one last original Deschutes beer paired with a pretzel, which the family-owned company is also well known for.


#4 The Time for Better is Now

A considerate approach to dealing with nature and its raw materials, the sustainable brewing of specialty beers, and resource-friendly delivery of beer to the consumers – not just empty words for Deschutes Brewery, but what they embody every day. True to its motto of “The Time for Better Is Now,” the brewery strives each day find new ways to further reduce its impact on the environment. No wonder – after all, the origins of the family brewery lie in the heart of Oregon, a true natural paradise with snowcapped mountains, raging rivers, lush green forests, and a wildly romantic Pacific coast. Additionally, Deschutes works closely with various environmental organizations and consciously focuses on running the business sustainably. And locally sourcing their brewing ingredients unites us with our brewing friends from Bend.

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#5 The Reserve Club: a Club for True Brew Fans

Since 2019, Deschutes Brewery has opened its cellar – “Oakland” – each year, granting members of the Reserve Club insights into their innovative and barrel-aged specialty beers. Membership in the Reserve Club includes 12 exclusive bottles per year, comprised only of barrel-aged beer in small batches, small series, and handpicked beer vintages from the Reserve series. An annual tour through the brewery in Bend that ends with a tasting is also part of the membership. A club for anyone who can’t get enough of the special taste of the creations of our brew buddies from Oregon and who likes to try new things!


#6 Crafted for Community

Closely bound to its roots, Deschutes Brewery has been a strong advocate for its community since its founding. Always looking for new ways to share its success with those around it, the brewery supports a number of charitable organizations in the surrounding area and in the cities where they have production facilities or tasting rooms. For example, a pint program was started in the brewery’s own pubs and tasting rooms where one dollar is donated for every pint sold to an organization that changes each month.


#7 Based in Oregon – the Beer State

Did you know? Situated in the middle of the evergreen landscape of the US state of Oregon, the popular city of Portland is a veritable mecca for beer fans from around the world. In addition to a thriving music scene and a vibrant night life, the city also is home to more than 50 small breweries and microbreweries. Nowhere else in the United States will you find an area so densely populated with breweries. Many of them are dedicated to craft beers and rely on traditionally brewed beers with select ingredients. “Beertown USA” and “Beervana” are thus well-deserved national nicknames for the city of Portland – the perfect place for a location of our brewing friends at Deschutes!