Hop Farmer, Brewer and Beer Sommelier

In Holsthum near Bitburg in the Southern Eifel mountains, hop farmer Andreas Dick takes care of one of our most important ingredients every day: the Bitburg seal hops. A passionate job - and a real life's work.


Hopfenbauer Andreas Dick im Hopfengarten

The Dick family has been cultivating an area of ​​around 22 hectares in Holsthum near Bitburg since the early 1960s, where our “green gold” finds the best conditions for growing and flourishing. But even if he was given the job of a hop farmer in the cradle, Andreas Dick did not immediately decide to work on the farm after completing his business school. At the age of 18, he initially completed an apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster in the Bitburger brewery and only then joined his parents' company.


In 2002, Andreas Dick founded a GbR (civil law society) with his father Herbert - and it still exists today. A top family business where enthusiasm for hops is lived around the clock. A farm with tradition and flair, where handcraft is used and where the heart of the soul has dedicated itself to the quality of the Bitburger seal hops.


Andreas Dick is not only a full-time hop farmer and trained brewer and maltster, he is also a passionate graduate beer sommelier. In the context of exclusive beer tastings, he passes on his sound specialist knowledge - entertaining and authentic.