The Needs of Consumers as a Benchmark

Jan Niewodniczanski, Axel Dahm and Stephan Fahrig - three managing directors who share a common goal: to successfully lead our family brewery into the future and to hand it over to the next generation as an independent company. Always in focus: the needs of our customers and the responsibility towards each individual employee.


Geschäftsführung der Bitburger Familienbrauerei

Jan Niewodniczanski

As a representative of the seventh generation of the family, Jan Niewodniczanski has been responsible for the technology and environment department of our traditional brewery since 2006. But even outside of the office there is no boredom for the passionate action fan: whether mountain biking, surfing, skiing or snowboarding - no slope is too steep and no wave too high for the managing director. His career is just as varied as his hobbies, which led the passionate brewer to America, South Africa, the Philippines and China after completing his degree in brewing and beverage technology.


Geschäftsführer der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Jan Niewodniczanski

„As a family business, we have always managed sustainably and dealt with the challenges of the present and the future. To this end, we continuously invest in quality, research, innovations and sustainability in order to guarantee the economic success and independent survival of our family-run traditional company for future generations as well.”

Axel Dahm

During his studies in psychology, philosophy, theater, film and television sciences as well as business administration, Axel Dahm broadened his knowledge horizon in many directions and opened many doors in the corporate sector thanks to his perfect brand awareness. His professional career took him to Spiess, the Berentzen Group and the Gerolsteiner Brunnen, among others, before moving to our traditional brewery in 2016 as a spokesman for the management. Here, he is responsible for strategy, marketing, sales and corporate development. In his private life, he lives out his tireless creativity in writing funny children's books.


Geschäftsführer der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Axel Dahm

„We stand by the fact that we keep our brand promise - brewing the best beer with a unique taste - every day. This promise accompanies us in everything we do. The good reputation of our brand as well as our uncompromising quality and the dialogue with our customers are our top priorities.“

Stephan Fahrig

As managing director for finance and administration, Stephan Fahrig always has all important data and facts in view. The graduate computer scientist and business economist has been guiding the fortunes of the family brewery since 2016 and provides a fresh breeze with innovative and digital topics. He finds his personal balance in family and sport, where he can relax and collect fresh thoughts.

After completing his studies, he completed an MBA at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto - the best prerequisites for his professional career. This led him first to the IT industry and then to the Warsteiner Group, where he was responsible for the distribution and hotel business as CFO for the group and thus for various national and international breweries.

Geschäftsführer der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Stephan Fahrig

In order to increase the company's value in the long term, we invest sustainably in the future of our company according to economic, ecological and social criteria. Our employees are an essential building block for our success. With attractive working conditions, a modern management culture, as well as training and further education at the highest level, we want to attract the best employees, offer development opportunities and bind them to our company in the long term.