With Love and Passion for Bitburger

For them, their job is a true vocation: the master brewers at the Bitburger brewery are fully committed to the quality and unique taste of our beers and brewing specialties. With centuries-old knowledge, they ensure incomparable Bitburger enjoyment every day.


Stefan Meyna – Creative Brew Head

He understands his craft and is a passionate brewer: Stefan Meyna, the first brew master at Bitburg's private brewery and creative brew head.


Braumeister der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Stefan Meyna

Born in 1972 in Berlin-Spandau, Stefan Meyna studied brewing at the TU Berlin / VLB Berlin from 1993 to 1999 and received his doctorate in 2005 from Professor Wackerbauer's institute. This was followed by various internships and consultations for national and international breweries and many publications and lectures at EBC and WBC congresses as well as at symposia.

After a short detour in the fruit juice and aroma industry in northern Germany, Stefan Meyna worked as a department head in quality control at the König brewery from 2007 to 2012. Since 2012, he has been the head of department for beer production in Bitburg.

Ulrich Lübken - the Guarantee of Quality

Braumeister der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Ulrich Lübken

Growing up right next to the Bitburger brewery, the choice of profession was obvious to Ulrich Lübken on early hand. As a result, he completed his training as a brewer and maltster from 1980 to 1983 and finally worked from 1985 to 1988 as deputy fermentation manager in his home brewery. With the completion of the experimental and training institute for brewery in Berlin, Ulrich Lübken was able to demonstrate his knowledge in the Bitburger experimental brewery from 1988.

He has been a master brewer in the brewhouse since 1999 and is therefore part of the more than 350 quality controls that Bitburger carries out every day. Together with his team, he accompanies the brewing processes, checks the quality parameters and reacts to fluctuations due to raw materials in order to brew the best Bitburger Premium Pils at all times.

He passes on his many years of knowledge about the unique Bitburger taste and his passion for brewing beer in the training of the next generation of brewers and maltsters.

The Bitburger seal hops are a very special topic for Ulrich Lübken, because he is a hop seal master and a member of the examination board in Ulm and Munich.

Rudolf Wahl - a Conductor of Taste

The art of brewing is part of Rudolf Wahl's family tree: He is a master brewer with body and soul in the fourth generation. He laid the foundation for his professional career from 1992 to 1994 with training as a brewer and maltster in Middle Franconia (Germany).


Braumeister der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Rudolf Wahl

He then deepened his knowledge of beer by studying “brewing and beverage technology” in Weihenstephan before working as an operations controller in Bitburg from 2000 to 2001. It went on in Rudolf Wahl's career as a shift foreman in Bitburger bottling until he found a new field of activity as head of bottling, filtration and maintenance in 2006 and continues to fill it with passion for our unique Pils.

Enjoyment is a determining topic for him in every respect. In addition to the delicacies of the best Bitburger taste, as chairman of the Bitburger brewery store he is also responsible for harmonious feasts for the ears.

Harald Biewer - Strategist with an Overview

Beer brewing also includes the right technical structure and, of course, precise planning and monitoring of the multifaceted processes involved in brewing, bottling and the need for auxiliary materials and raw materials. This is where Harald Biewer's work begins.


Braumeister der Bitburger Familienbrauerei: Harald Biewer

After completing his training as a brewer and maltster at Bitburger and subsequent stopovers in Flensburg and Stuttgart, he continued his training at the experimental and training institute for brewery in Berlin in 1990/1991. He came back to Bitburger as a master brewer and made his contribution to the unique Bitburger taste in our beer production.

After completing part-time training as a technical business economist from 1996 to 1998, Harald Biewer finally worked from 1999 to 2006 as a technical controller at Bitburger. Then his field of activity was further expanded, because as head of production planning, technical operations and technical controlling, he and his team are responsible for all scheduling and planning processes related to our Bitburger.