Product & Responsibility

We are aware of our special responsibility in the marketing of our alcohol-containing products and therefore set strict standards in our own, binding code that employees and service providers alike must adhere to - for a clear framework for action that goes beyond the statutory provisions.


Our Special Responsibility as a Brewer

As an alcohol producer, we have a special responsibility in marketing and selling our beers. Bitburger feels obliged to promote only moderate beer consumption. We therefore strictly adhere to the Bitburger Brewery's marketing code, which goes beyond the legal requirements.


Marketing Code of the Bitburger Brewery Group

In 2008, the Bitburger brewing group developed its own, binding code that all employees and service providers must comply with. The ‘Code of Responsible Product Marketing‘ regulates which advertising messages and target groups are taboo for the alcoholic products of the Bitburger brewery. This provides a clear framework for all marketing activities.


Voluntary pre-examination of all advertising measures

The Bitburger brewery has had all German TV advertising campaigns pre-evaluated by the Central Association of the ‘Zentralverband der Deutschen Werbewirtschaft‘ (German Advertising Industry) (ZAW) since 2009. Bitburger only shows TV spots that have been approved by the ZAW without any complaints. The ZAW checks whether the advertising measures meet the legal requirements and the standards of the German Advertising Council.

The standards of the German Advertising Council unambiguously regulate which advertising messages manufacturers of alcoholic beverages may send to whom and in what form.